Sunday, March 13, 2011

Three Weeks In...

No, I haven't seen the sights of Australia. Do I really plan to? That's a negative. I'm not doing the tourist thing, I'm living day to day life with my boyfriend. Sure, we're going to take a vacation here or there, but we're not going to rush into the outback or the opera house or anything. We're going to Melbourne in two months, but other than that, we've got no travelling really planned. I'm sure Sydney will fit in there somewheres.

Sooooo... with that said... Things have been good. A few annoyances here and there, but nothing too bad. Ben and I are getting along great, there are absolutely no issues there. I love his family, the few friends I've met have been great. I'm really looking forward to spending more time with and getting to know people. Already have a scheduled weekly thing with Louise, and I see KC more than once a week at least thus far. Feeling very comfortable and happy with people.

The only really difficult thing, is coming to terms with how far away I am from home. Being unfamiliar with my area, not knowing how to get to places, not knowing what to do for a job (something I'm not in a hurry to get, but most certainly something I plan on doing in the very near future. I hate feeling like I'm mooching off of Ben. :/). I'll figure things out, and as time passes, I'm sure I'll feel better about things. I get my doubts from time to time, I want to hop on a plane home every so often... But I'll be fine. I know that it's something that just goes with the territory.

Also, I wish whats'erface would go away and stop finding it necessary to butt in and talk about nothing to Ben all day. Crazy stage 100 clinger ex girlfriend.

Aaaannnnnyyyyhow. Minor update, nothing super exciting. My hair is now red and lighter/kinda pinkish red.



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